Summertime Clean up!!! June 03, 2015 19:02

Have you been procrastinating about cleaning out your closet? Me too!! I'm not sure why I put this huge task off because the end result makes you feel so good! It's time to get our purge on!! 

Grab a bag and start putting these things in there!!!

1. That black-tie outfit you bought for one occasion four years ago.

2. Anything with stains, pills, holes, runs or tears that aren’t supposed to be there.

3. Clothes that are too big.

4. Clothes that are too small.

5. Everything that you haven’t worn in one year.

6. Impulse buys that you can’t explain.

7. Clothes that started out as black and have faded into a color that has no name.

8. Socks that don’t match.

9. Belts you can’t buckle.

10. Uncomfortable shoes you’ve worn once, maybe twice.

11. Purses with broken handles, wobbly clasps or ink stains.

12. Anything that makes you feel like a stuffed sausage during Sunday dinner.

13. Misshapen, uncomfortable or unsupportive bras.

14. Jackets you can’t zip.

15. Earrings that lost their mate.

Happy Closet Cleaning!!