Awesome Packing Ideas for Vacation! June 16, 2015 08:43

Well summer is here and that means if your lucky you will be thinking about your summer vacation! A week away sounds like an excellent plan to me! Check out these awesome ideas to help you pack easier and take some of the stress out of getting ready!

  what an easy idea for ear rings and small jewelry!


 Great idea!! Use a contact case to take your foundation and lotion. Saves a lot of space and weight by not carrying your big makeup bottles!


Protect powder makeup products from breaking while traveling by sticking a cotton pad or cotton ball inside the compact before putting it in your makeup bag.

Protect your clothes from Travel Stink!! ha ha.. I love this one

 My mom made me one of these and it's brilliant! No more waiting on a hot curling iron to cool. just use a pot holder! 

 Roll it up!! It's crazy how much space this saves.


Happy Packing! Happy Summer and Happy Vacation!